This year… It is forbidden

This year that has come
And those that will come later
This time… it is forbidden! 😉

It is forbidden not to care,
Not to show your love to others
To make someone pay for your bad mood!

It is forbidden to think in a way
Just because everyone thinks so
It is forbidden not to have your own perspective!

It is forbidden to leave your friends
Not to try to understand what you lived & shared together
To be indifferent just because you are bored!

It is forbidden not to belive in good things
As in love, friendship or peace
It is just forbidden!

It is forbiden not to be yourself in public
To feign with peole you don’t like
To fake beeing in a way just to make them remember you
To forget all the people who love you!

It is forbidden not to belive in God and forge your faith
To be afraid of life and its engagements,
Not to live each day giving it the opportunity to be the best day ever!

It is forbidden not to create a history of your own
Not to have a moment for the people who need your presence
it is just forbidden…

It is also forbidden not to smile at problems
Not to fight for what you want
Not to transform your dreams into reality

It is forbidden that this year would pass and let you the same
Instead, it is forbidden not to make you that person…
That persone He allways intended to be!

It is forbidden not to belive in what you care
Not to feel that, without you, this world
Wouldn’t be the same!

I wish you a this kind of New Full of Prohibitions year!
To you, that made my year… 🙂

Original: It is forbidden de Pablo Neruda